Nabh Inc. is a California corporation founded in January 2000 to provide cutting edge technology and software development consulting. Over the last several years, the company has worked on a range of initiatives including DARPA research projects, enterprise innovation management platforms and workshops, high performance trading systems, and e-commerce platforms. The company’s customers include Lockheed Martin, Reuters, PG&E, Prudential Financial among others.

The company's current focus is on realizing the revolutionary potential of Generative AI technology. Most of the hype about Generative AI has been around creative content generation and chatbot applications but we believe that the true potential lies in exploiting the natural language understanding and inferencing capabilities to automate and speed up human-intensive business processes. Imagine the efficiencies that could be gained replacing or at least augmenting human experts in diverse fields such as cyber-security, investing, insurance, banking, etc. by Generative AI assistants, brokers, and analysts. Knowledge work that typically requires advanced reasoning and domain expertise can be automated, scaled out and can be potentially performed far more accurately and without human biases.