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Exporting Website Files

We recommend viewing your documentation site using MUDBook server before you export it. Once you are ready you can export the pages to the desired directory via mudbook export command.

> mudbook export --overwrite --docRoot C:\MyProject\raw_doc_dir --outputDir C:\MyProject\doc

Use -w or --overwrite flag to overwrite flag if you want to overwrite existing export directory.

Running this command will create all files necessary to view your documentation as a stand-alone Web site. In addition to your documentation files and folders, you will have the following additional files in the output directory:

  • index.html file at the root of output directory that is the same as the first viewable document
  • All non-HTML, non-Markdown files will be copied to appropriate folders. This will preserve your relative references to images and other resources in your documentation.
  • Unless you are using your own document template, it will also copy the following files: mb_bootstrap.css, mb_logo_light.png, mb_page_not_found.html, mb.js, mb.css, favicon.ico