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Mature award-winning platform for idea management that supports complete ideation life-cycle with workflow, reviews, scorecard, gamification, analytics, reports & admin controls. Visit Social Lair Website to view the full list of capabilities, we list some of the salient ones here:
  • Three out-of-the-box solutions reflecting your ideation process governance: Open Innovation, Open Feedback, Suggestion Box
  • Core content management capabilities including customizable idea forms, multiple user feedback mechanisms (likes, star rating, virtual currency investment, etc.)
  • Idea management process flow with customizable idea stages, automatic idea graduation, customizable review forms and ability hold private reviewer discussions
  • Idea leaderboards ranked based on crowd and reviewer input. Group leaderboards based on user attributes.
  • Virtual store that enables offering rewards in exchange for virtual money or points.
  • Fully customizable user interface including look and feel as well as portal pages and portlets.

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singlepage.js is a pure Javascript framework for developing single page Web applications. It provides a server-side framework built on node.js for creating Web services and APIs. It also supports modular UI development using Vus.js components. At this time the framework is in the early stages of development. Features targeted in the first release include:

  • User and role management including social authentication
  • Web services framework with role-based access control
  • Internationalization
  • Client and server-side validation
  • Web site design by drag-n-drop of Vue.js components
Please watch this space for availability of the first release and a more detailed description of framework capabilities.

MUDBook takes a collection of Markup (HTML) and Markdown pages and turns them into a Web site that nicely displays your documentation similar to GitBook. You can use MUDBook either as a tool to create a static Website from your documentation or as a Web server to serve the pages. Key features include:

  • Support for .md and .html files
  • Search using lunr.js
  • Search and Syntax highlighting using highlights.js
  • Responsive, looks great on desktops as well as mobile
  • Fully customizable using your own document template

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MUDBook Screenshot