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The Nabh team collectively has a few decades of experience in developing enterprise-grade systems. We leverage our Java-based and node.js platforms to quickly develop the right solution that fits your needs. Our preferred mode of deployment is in Amazon cloud but we are perfectly at home with on-premise solutions as well as Azure or Google Cloud.

Rapid Product Development

Nabh team has developed tens of new products and brought them to market successfully. Our experience allows us to significantly speed up transformation of your ideas into a fully functioning product.

We firmly believe in fleshing out your vision for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before writing even a single line of code. Our initial engagement is focused on fleshing out MVP requirements. We typically go through a few iterations, ultimately producing a series of wireframes that capture product workflows and user interactions.

The implementation strategy is completely driven by the specific needs of your project but very often it is advantegous to build the solution on top of our portal platforms. Our implementation languages of choice are Java and Javascript (Node.js). Correspondingly we either use Stringbeans (Java portlet container) or SinglePage.js (Portal framework built on Node.js). Both of our portal platforms provide core capabilities needed in any enterprise product:

  • Authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Modular, component-based feature implementation
  • Internationalization
  • Logging and Auditing
  • Horizontal scalability

Machine Learning

So you have heard the buzz, AI is the new electricity (or oil - take your pick) and would sure like to incorporate Machine Learning in your product. Majority of our products have included a significant analytical component and we can help you do the same. Understanding AI or Machine Learning does not have to be rocket science. Nabh can educate your decision makers about ML techniques such as Deep Learning, Decision Trees, Natural Language Processing. We can recommend the right approach to leveraging your data and derive useful insights and provide a turnkey solution in the cloud or on-premise.

Innovation Management

We offer a complete suite of innovation management services when you use our Social Lair Platform We have been in the innovation process management field for more than a decade. With experience of working on dozens of projects, we've got the inside scoop on running successful innovation programs. Our team members have worked with Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and Cisco as well as smaller once including Rodan & Fields, Aujas, and Sunguard. Explore what others in your industry are doing. And talk to us for best practices.

We offer end-to-end innovation management services including

  • Recommendations on structuring your innovation management process: workshops, innovation days, periodic campaigns, etc.
  • Website branding, design, and customization
  • Community monitoring and end user support
  • Custom report generation

Interested? Contact us and find out more!