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About Us

Nabh Inc. was founded to provide product development and consulting services that take advantage of emerging technologies. Over the last several years, we have consistently demonstrated a deeper level of understanding to help our customers stand out from the crowd.


Our founders were around even before Netscape was invented and have worked with broad range of technologies ranging from Web 1.0, Web 2.0, enterprise social, high performance trading systems, and e-commerce platforms.


The company has helped customers in a variety of industry sectors including defense, financial, cyber-security, and insurance. Our customer list include Lockheed Martin, Reuters, PG&E, Prudential Financial among others.

Where We Are Failing Fast Lately

The company's current focus is on realizing the revolutionary potential of Generative AI technology. Most of the hype about Generative AI has been around creative content generation and chatbot applications but we believe that the true potential lies in exploiting the natural language understanding and inferencing capabilities to automate and speed up human-intensive business processes.

Imagine the efficiencies that could be gained replacing or at least augmenting human experts in diverse fields such as cyber-security, investing, insurance, banking, etc. by Generative AI assistants, brokers, and analysts. Knowledge work that typically requires advanced reasoning and domain expertise can be automated, scaled out and can be potentially performed far more accurately and without human biases.


We love to take on hard problems and solve them exceptionally well.

Generative AI Solutions

Prompt engineering, RAG, Embeddings. We have got you covered.

Rapid Prototyping

Take your concepts to demonstrable prototypes in just a few weeks.

Cyber Risk Modeling

Data analytics and customized cyber-related risk modeling and underwriting solutions.

Outsourced Product Development

Our onshore/offshore teams combine years of experience in all phases of the software lifecycle.


1548 Colchester St, Danville, CA 94506

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Padmanabh Dabke

Founder & CEO

Aditya Kuppa


Jay Chitnis

Head of Business Development

Meredith Kokos

Head of Marketing